Jewel me best is the vision of Ruksar, founded in June 2019; a simple idea at heart with an objective to create change, it has been on the path of new opportunities. 

Indian weddings are known for their jewelry and clothes not only as a part of the culture but more so they depict a story of long-standing traditions. Each day has its importance and colors/dress code associated with it. These then orchestrate the wardrobes. 

This is exactly what Ruksar realized right after her own wedding when all her wedding jewelry and outfits started taking up all the space in her closet.

She wondered wouldn't it be smarter if she had just borrowed or rented some jewelry or clothes rather than purchase them? because she wasn't going to wear them more than once anyway.

With her passion and interest in South Asian fashion, she soon started her research about the south asian apparel and retail jewelry industry in the USA. In India, she collaborated with local jewelry artisans and craftsmen to get all her designs ready. She learned the techniques of jewelry sanitization and repairs as well to provide the best customer experience to her clientele back in the United States. 

We started Jewel Me Best with a lot of passion and dedication and, more importantly, pure love for jewelry and the art surrounded by it. We strive to provide the best quality Kundan stones and designs to our customers at most economical and competitive rates. Jewel Me Best is not only limited to the bridal collection, but you can find a wide variety of selections for every woman out there. Because well, why should Brides have all the fun?